Julia Miao

Team Leader

Randolph, NJ 
Economics & Pre-Commerce Major

I am a second year from Randolph, New Jersey studying Economics and Pre-Commerce with a minor in psychology. I joined the Rise Together Leadership Team because after volunteering at Walton Middle School this past semester, I truly admire the purpose and mission of this organization and hope to continue my community engagement with youth. Assuming responsibility for this role would allow me to gain considerable experience, not only working with kids, but also with my peers and the RT directors. I’m really passionate about helping others and would love to meet new faces and expand my volunteering involvements! My goal for 2020-21 is to promote deeper connections between youth and our volunteers as well as to always foster a welcoming, amicable environment. I hope that volunteers can engage with the same student or few students during each session as it really helps to build lasting relationships and create trust between mentors and mentees.