Summer Stewart

Grant Writer & Team Leader

Yorktown, VA 
Anthropology Major

My hometown is Yorktown, Virginia though I currently reside in SOVA. I am a rising fourth year studying Anthropology with a concentration in Culture and Communications. I chose Rise Together because of the opportunity to make an impact on the most important people in any community, the youth! I am a First Gen Transfer student who found Rise as an opportunity to work with students who are in the same spot, I, all too recently, was. RT has allowed me to be an example and support Charlottesville students with their projects. This program has given me the gift of being a social and emotional support for these students too. Rise Together is a platform that I joined because it shines a light in the direction of students who may feel alone, or in the dark about their future. I’m so excited to be a part of this process that shows them they are not! My goals for this next school year include moving into my FIRST apartment, getting accepted into law school (fingers crossed), having more Zoom classes in bed, defeating COVID-19, and graduating! It doesn’t have to be said that one of my main goals is getting to know all of my Rise Together team and students!