Rise Together AVID is a nonprofit, outcome-driven team mentoring program that connects University of Virginia (UVA) students with K-12 youth in Albemarle County by providing consistent tutoring, leadership training, workforce readiness, entrepreneurial experience, and service learning opportunities designed to promote positive social norms, wellness, personal achievement, and build novel collaborative relationships between UVA and the community.

About our Program:

UVA Facilitator Training Sessions

UVA Facilitators work two times a month under the guidance of a veteran school counselor with a focus on developing leadership/mentoring skills and collaboratively designing educationally sound programming for our Albemarle County school partners. All UVA Facilitators have the opportunity to earn AVID Tutorial Certification so that they are qualified to provide academic support to high school and middle school students.

Rise Together Seminars

Under the supervision of our veteran school counselor, UVA Facilitators lead group mentoring and AVID tutoring sessions twice a month for our Albemarle County school partners. Seminars are designed to meet the needs identified by our school partners and their students. Key topics we focus on are:

  • Positive life choices and healthy social norms
  • Academic support by serving as AVID tutors
  • Self-awareness, goal setting, time/stress management and resilience
  • Communication, leadership, interviewing, workforce readiness
  • College, job, and internship guidance
  • Continued involvement in purposeful service opportunities

Service and Mentoring

Students collaborate with UVA Facilitators to design and implement mentoring sessions for local elementary school students and service projects. Rise mentoring and service learning projects designed by high school students empower all students, provide experiential learning, connect the community, and promote a pay it forward mentality.

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