Keys To College

Rise Together has created programming that fully engages students remotely and has yielded one hundred percent freshman acceptance rate into premier universities across the nation. Now it is time to make Rise Together’s innovative college search and application guidance available to parents and educators. Keys to College is a comprehensive program that offers a step-by-step-curriculum, series of podcasts, instructive college student testimonials, and library of resources that demystify the daunting college and financial aid search process for families.


Keys to College podcasts and webinars are led by Gina and Jen, two veteran educators who have been carving a clear path to college for hundreds of students and families for decades. Podcasts and webinars break down the college/financial aid/scholarship search, application and acceptance process so students, parents and educators have access to the key facts needed to navigate all aspects of a student’s college and financial aid search.

Instructional Videos

Keys to College and Vici mentors join forces to bring the college search and financial aid process to life. Two minute video and audio recordings are presented through the authentic lens and voice of college students and recent graduates. Videos systematically guide high school students, parents and educators through the college selection process by providing keys to finding the perfect college, writing college essays, searching for scholarships and thriving during remote learning. Videos and audio recordings are instructive, fun and engaging. They ensure a student’s quest for the perfect college sets the stage for a lifetime of success. 

Library of Resources

Welcome to a curated collection of resources designed to help you prepare for college, not only to gain admission, but to thrive once you get there. The library stores links, resources, articles and documents that support lessons discussed in the podcasts, webinars and instructional videos. 

Curriculum Details

We know a student’s junior and senior year in high school are some of the most exciting and challenging times for families. COVID-19 does not need to place any additional stress on families or jepordize a child’s future. Allow the Keys to College in-dept curriculum transform the college search process from contentious to an experience that strengthens a student’s network of support, leads to student success, and promotes family unity. The Keys to College Curriculum is a clear blueprint for parents and educators that guides them throughout a high school student’s junior and senior years. 

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Mentor Registration

Keys to College is always welcoming new mentors to submit two minute instructional videos that guide families through the college search process. If you would like to share your experiences, then please read the Keys to College Curriculum and register to be part of this exciting initiative.