Rise Together College Guidance

Affordable College Guidance

Are you new to Crozet or need help guiding your high school student on a clear path to college? We believe students learn about themselves by looking inward, building positive experiences, working collaboratively and serving others.

About Rise Together College Guidance

Students meet individually with a veteran school counselor, who provides support throughout the four years of high school and the college search process. Students identify their strengths and interests, secure internships and employment opportunities, engage in purposeful service and extracurricular activities to bolster their college application, and create and implement a personalized, comprehensive academic plan that will allow them to attend the college of their choice. Additionally, students focus on leadership training, personal skill development, and community engagement with a team of trained UVA Facilitators, who complement the efforts of the school counselor by serving as consistent peer role models throughout the academic year.

College guidance programs don’t have to be prohibitively expensive and exclusive, contact us to receive quality college guidance at an affordable price

Our holistic approach to college counseling and innovative mentoring model empowers students from a full range of learning styles and backgrounds to thrive in high school and excell at the college level. Our goal is to actively engage students in the development of a clear academic, personal, and career plan that provides a sense of purpose and vision.

The Rise Together College Guidance Program is designed to guide 9-12th grade students from high school to college. Our program combines an intensive individual academic/college guidance program with engaging Rise Together Group Seminars, which allow students to work collaboratively while developing time/stress management skills, leadership, an entrepreneurial mindset, personal determination, and academic/personal confidence.

Our College Guidance Program enables students to find their path toward college by providing:

  • One-on-one college and career guidance including all aspects of the college search, application and selection process
  • Small group seminars/workshops focused on developing skills such as studying, time management, essay writing, collaboration, public speaking and interviewing
  • Academic advising including 9-12th grade course selection and tutoring
  • Meaningful service projects and extracurricular activities to galvanize an exceptional high school resume
  • Relevant internship opportunities
  • Standardized test preparation and registration
  • The option of attending facilitated college tours

For inquiries about enrolling in our personalized guidance program, please contact us below.